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This is the place to find out about Bexhill's community groups, events and news. You can also explore our links to other relevant sites and information


Why not take a ride on the Bexhill Community Bus? The bus runs all year round and is intended for people of all ages. Run by volunteers, it operates four routes around the town. Each route starts and ends in Devonshire Road.

You can use your bus pass or pay a flat fare of £1 (50p for children).


  Routes                       Timetables

All Aboard!

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This website is also known as the Bexhill Community Notice Board or Bexhill Online.  No sharing of events or other content from the website is allowed without the permission of the event organiser. The website is run by volunteers, as a 'not for profit' service to the local community. We do not collect or hold a list of personal information about people who show an interest in the website. However, where members use the contact page, email or messenger to contact us personally, such messages are either deleted or (to the best of our ability) stored securely. We do not pass on contact details to third parties.  

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FRIENDS OF BEXHILL EVENTS are pleased to announce that we are now inviting funding bids from not for profit ‘small events’ for 2019. We define a not for profit event as one which is organised by unpaid volunteers or by a not for profit community group or business.  We do not have an exact definition of a small event, but as a very rough guide, the likely footfall and budget of such an event would be significantly less than larger events, such as Festival of the Sea. The maximum bid allocation per limited number of selected events for 2019 will be £200.  Sorry it’s not more, but we are a relatively new group with limited funds. Please note that due to our constitution we cannot accept bids from events which donate to third parties or charities. However, we are happy to accept bids for smaller events which may fall under the umbrella of a larger longer lasting event.  The very simple bidding form can be downloaded here. Deadline for bids is 30th November 2018.

The theme for this year's Christmas Window Competition in Bexhill Town Centre is Christmas Carols and Songs. Entry is free, but all participants must register no later than 24th November. Judging will take place from 9.30 am on Friday 30th November.  Letters will be delivered to all eligible businesses.  

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